When I first began experimenting with nature photography, I created photographic wreaths for a few close friends.  By taking photographs of various natural settings, and then duplicating them, I began looking for new patterns within the images, furthering the concept of kaleidoscopic designs of nature.  By using one image over and over, I observed so many more details, patterns and textures I hadn’t noticed from a single image.  I started calling my designs Earth Kaleidoscopes©, and from there, the concept took hold.

All of my photographs are taken with a 35mm.  In this age of Photoshop and digital photography, I prefer the process of physically manipulating the photographs into new and unusual designs that may not be picked up at first glance. Although the same photograph may be used and manipulated in a different way, each design is unique.  People are often unsure what they are looking at, and I find this to be an intriguing part of the viewer experience.

I look forward to your feedback.  Please contact me at eaubreydesigns@gmail.com 

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